Campaigner hits out at closure

LONG-standing hospital campaigner Reg Wenn has hit out the planned closure of the reception at Doddington Hospital.

As reported in last week’s Citizen, two people are facing redundancy with the move to close the main reception by next February.

The cost-cutting exercise comes after a consultation and Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust has said there is a duplication between the main reception and department receptions.

Department receptions will remain open and signs will be improved.

But campaigner Mr Wenn, of Chatteris, has said it is “hypocritical”.

“The good people of South Fenland have fought long and hard over the past eight years to save and then re-invent Doddington Hospital, we now have many important facilities in place which saves people having to travel to places like Peterborough, Huntingdon, Wisbech, and Ely for treatment, the whole operation at Doddington runs smoothly, without crowds and long delays, that is what a good reception centre ensures.”

He said the South Fenland area is “grossly underfunded” in comparison to all other areas of Cambridgeshire NHS.

“On many occasions people have spoken to me about the wonderful service we get at Doddington Hospital. I urge all people to write to this paper with their thoughts about these issues,” said Mr Wenn.