Can you complete missing names?

richard munns old pic
richard munns old pic

RICHARD Munns is asking Citizen readers for help to identify former pupils on this picture, taken of March’s Burrowmoor School in 1950.

The picture has been donated to March Museum by Keith Pearson.

Both Mr Munns and Mr Pearson are on the photo - Mr Munns is number nine in the third row with Keith just above him.

“I have managed to identify a few others but would love to find out the other names,” said Mr Munns, adding: “We will print out a copy and have it available in the Museum so names can be added. Assuming they are still alive all of these lads, including me, are now in their 70th year.”

Names identified so far: Back row number 6 Michael Nelson, No 9 Trevor Plumb. Second from back row No 4 John Barber, No 6 Philip Thompson and No 9 Keith Pearson; Third row No 4 Roger Aldroyd, No 6 headmaster Titus Lewis, No 9 Richard Munns. Front row No 4 Maurice Smith, No 7 John Abbott, No 8 David Plumb, No 11 Brian Cox.