Carry on cruising

Moving on from last week’s edition this week we are concentrating on cruising for couples.

At Holiday With Us & Spalding Travel we search independently for the best prices for our clients. We are able to match on-line prices and offers through various reader publications.

So, when you have a date and a destination in mind, call or visit our teams where you will be cared for throughout your journey – and that’s before you’ve arrived at the cruise terminal!

We cherish our clients and give them a service that they will remember and return to year-on-year.

Our clients become part of our family, we remember special occasions, we deliver your tickets should you wish us to – we will go that extra mile to make your booking an experience to remember forever.

Celebrity Cruises have been voted to have a ‘stylish and unique feel’ with their array of lounges, bars and restaurants and the cruise line’s boutique-hotel feel provides a winning combination for couples.

Many couples want to spend longer in the destinations visited whilst cruising. Azamara Club Cruises offer this.

The size of their ships are smaller, which allows them to visit smaller ports.

Azamara offer couples the opportunity to attend a Moulin Rouge showcase or a spot of wine tasting in a chateaux in Provence.

They have a fantastic array of new destinations with couples in mind, even more reason to consider this company.

Oceania Cruises are among the top three in the list of cruises for couples due to their mix of food quality and relaxing spas.

They offer an all-round good experience for couples, which above all is very relaxing.

Viking Cruises offer everything from cookery classes to lectures and talks.

Each of their ships boast their own organic herb garden at the top of the ship to ensure the freshest flavours!

Everything is included in your cruise price, allowing the guests to not have to worry about money whilst travelling.

Viking is for older couples whose children have flown the nest.