Cat crisis in the East

RSPCA branches and animal centres across the East region are facing a cat crisis with many reporting unprecedented numbers of felines in their care.

The crisis is so bad that some branches are unable to take in any more cats at the moment and some have more than 100 desperately waiting for new homes.

RSPCA volunteers and branch staff say the pressure facing them is at breaking point and are calling on the public to help by offering some of these desperate cats a new home.

RSPCA branches and centres can only take in so many cats and when they become full they have to seek out fosterers and other temporary homes.

Paul Williams, RSPCA Animal Welfare Manager for the East region, said: “No matter which RSPCA branch or centre you speak to, in no matter what part of the region, they all say the same: they are dealing with a cat crisis and it is getting worse.

“The problem just seems to be growing and growing, and now we are at a breaking point and many RSPCA venues are struggling to cope. It is simply that more injured and abandoned cats are coming into RSPCA care than are going out. It is really sad because these problems could be avoided if owners just acted responsibly.

“The RSPCA like other charities, needs help from the public – so please if anyone is thinking about taking on a cat, come to the RSPCA first – we have literally hundreds looking for new homes and a second chance.”

Even if you cannot take a cat on full time, members of the public are being urged to perhaps become a cat fosterer and offer short term homes.

If you cannot foster or rehome a cat you could still help by making a donation to your RSPCA local branch.

The RSPCA Centre at Block Fen in Wimblington has 47 cats - are scared, scrawny, underweight and need lots of care and attention before they are rehomed.

For more details about rehoming call 0300 123 0726.