Catch some Carribean sun

The Caribbean has its own special appeal. This region, covering some 28 countries, offers far more than sitting on a beach!

For one thing it is culturally diverse. As well as their indigenous culture, many islands have a rich colonial heritage – British, Hispanic, French or Dutch, depending on where you go.

On most islands there’s a wealth of things to do such as exploring fortresses, snorkelling with turtles, zip lining through rain forests... and lots more!

Moreover the Caribbean provides an impressively varied choice of accommodation. As well as the all-inclusive hotels, there are private island resorts, historic plantation-style inns, hideaway B&Bs and lavish villas.

When to go? The Caribbean is thought of primarily as a winter- sun destination and it is driest and least humid from December through to April.

That said, winter is peak season and staying during this time equates to peak pennies being spent!

So do consider travelling at different times of the year. August is a good time budget-wise. You may experience some sharp, short, showers – over a two-week period I only encountered a couple of days with showers.

The islands are less busy and accommodation and flights are far more competitively priced. The official hurricane season runs from June to November, but big storms are very rare at the beginning and end of this period. May is a great month to visit compared with the peak winter months, as is December.

In short, the Caribbean has its own special appeal and offers more than just sitting on the beach. Over the next few weeks we will look at what some of the islands have to offer.

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