Caught speeding

Over 800 drivers were caught speeding during the May ‘Think!’ campaign launched by Cambs police.

A total of 825 drivers were stopped: 819 were reported for excess speed; two vehicles were seized for no insurance; two drivers were reported for summons for driving while being disqualified and excess speed and two drivers were issued with fixed penalty notices for defective tyres and driving while using a mobile phone.

Inspector Mark Rogers said: “Drivers need to facing up to the consequences of speeding, it can cost lives.

“Excessive and inappropriate speed are just some of the factors which can result in collisions, sometimes fatal.

“Roads can be a dangerous place when the law is not respected and adhered to. If we are to reduce the number of fatalities and casualties on the roads it is vital people comply with the law.

“Drivers are not only risking their lives, but the lives of others and we will continue to make the county’s roads safer for everyone.”