Challenging Africa experience for James

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JAMES Fox has returned from his life-changing three-month trip to Kwara State in Nigeria to help some of the world’s poorest people. James (19) from Wisbech, took a break from his studies to make the trip, which was both rewarding and challenging.

Many of the people he met have to live on less than 40p a day and suffer from poor health, nutrition and education. Water borne diseases are rife and many people die before middle age. James, who gained a distinction star from a two-year health and social care course at the College of West Anglia, said the course was excellent preparation for his visit.

The family he stayed with didn’t have the benefit of basic amenities such as toilet paper, soap, hot water and a varied diet and nothing was taken for granted.

“In Kwara I could not take anything for granted, people there survive one day at a time. I was fortunate enough to be one of the few in my team who did not contract a disease such as cholera, malaria or serious gastro-intestinal disease,” said James.

James helped with fundraising for a building to house machinery for the production of shea butter, helped renovate schools. provide HIV education, free confidential and optional HIV testing and counselling for young men in a borstal.

James is looking forward to using what he has learned in Africa about fundraising and social development to assist with Action at Home programme. He said: “It was wonderful to have had this privilege to help out in Nigeria.”