Charity launches new oil scheme

CAMBRIDGESHIRE ACRE is delighted to announce the launch of a new venture that will be good for individuals, good for the environment and good for Cambridgeshire’s communities.

The scheme will use the model of a local buying syndicate for domestic heating oil but will roll it out across the whole county. Cambridgeshire ACRE believes there will be great strength in harnessing the purchasing power of the many rural communities who are without mains gas so that, together, oil-buyers will be able to make significant savings. And even with the scheme in its infancy, experience has already shown that it’s possible to get a discount of around £50 on a single order. We can also supply red diesel for agricultural machinery through the scheme. The scheme is open to domestic users, community groups such as village halls and businesses.

Cambridgeshire ACRE is keen to emphasise the environmental benefits too. Delivery tankers guzzle a lot of fuel and the more deliveries they can make in one place, the less fuel they use. And the fewer tankers there are on Cambridgeshire’s small country roads, the better.

As a charity that is rooted in local community action, Cambridgeshire ACRE wants the new venture to reflect this philosophy. Chief Executive, Kirsten Bennett says:

“The key to making this work will be having local people who will collate the syndicate members’ oil orders once a month and pass the information on to us; and who will then let the local members know the cost per litre and the delivery date. That’s pretty much it. For doing this, they will get free membership of the scheme – an annual saving of £20. Scheme members will be able to order as many times as they like during the year, and the price will be negotiated centrally.”

There’s more information on the Cambridgeshire ACRE website, If you think this could be of interest to you or your community, get in touch with Cambridgeshire ACRE on 01353-860850 or e-mail