Charity loses out in factory decision

A WISBECH cat charity has slammed a factory’s decision to stop supplying local animal charities with cut-price food.

Wisbech Cat Haven used to get reduced price cat food from the Nestle Purina factory on South Brink.

However, now the supply has stopped and Cat Haven founder Tracy Reeve said they are really feeling the pinch.

“Food is now costing our local rescues three times as much,” she said. “Nestle Purina rely on animal lovers to buy their food and this is how they have made their fortune.

“They need to remember though that not all cats and dogs are born with a lucky life and if it wasn’t for rescues, these unfortunate ones wouldn’t get helped.”

A spokesperson from Nestle Purina said: “We can confirm that in the past Purina PetCare has made secondary petfood available to some local charities via our Wisbech factory. The sales and donation process was an adhoc arrangement, which we have decided to review.

“We made the decision to suspend the current process until this review is completed. We contacted all the charities concerned and regret any inconvenience that this may have caused.

“Every year, we receive many requests for charitable donations from individuals and organisations. While we support the work of a number of charities, our philosophy is to develop long-term relationships with key charity partners to create programmes that bring real and tangible benefit to the pet care community.

“As such, we have established strategic relationships with Canine Partners, Cats Protection and the Dublin SPCA which share our commitment to pets and the people who love them.”