Chatteris author gets first book published

Claire Webber has published her first book 'Teeria'
Claire Webber has published her first book 'Teeria'

A Chatteris woman dealing with severe rheumatoid arthritis has published her first book.

Claire Webber has written her first book ‘Teeria’, which has been published by New Gernation Publishing.

Claire, who has a four-year-old son Jack, used writing as an escape from her illness, which was diagnosed in May 2011.

She explained she would write when she could and wrote the book for herself. But when friends and family, including her husband Andrew, enjoyed reading it, she decided to get it published. Claire is now working on the sequel to the book.

“It’s a bonus is anyone else likes it,” she said.

The novel follows Gee Goshle, who travels from a dying Earth to an extrasolar planet called Teeria. She falls in love with a native but is then kidnapped and forced to live on a space station with a radical group of humans. Can she escape and return to Teeria?

‘Teeria’ is available to purchase online at Amazon and Waterstones. Available in both paperback and eBook formats.