CHATTERIS: Christian Aid Week

Every year in May something amazing happens across Britain and Ireland; thousands of churches and communities take their faith on to the streets on behalf of the world’s poorest people.

This is Christian Aid Week. Working in partnership is central to Christian Aid’s approach, believing that empowering poor communities to help themselves is by far the best way. They work with more than 600 locally based trusted partner organisations in 50 countries, working with church partners, but also with people outside the church, basically using the best available resources to reach those desperately needing help.

Christian Aid Week collectors brave the British weather, overcome their reservations about knocking on neighbours’ doors,and spare time out of their busy schedules, motivated by a multitude of factors, but sharing a common desire to do their part in helping to lift people around the world out of poverty. As in other years, a faithful team of collectors from the Chatteris churches will be knocking on doors during the week 12-18 May so please can we ask for your support. Last year Christian Aid raised an incredible £12.5 million and £2,174 of that was given by the generous people of Chatteris. We shall also be holding a Cake Stall at Emmanuel Church on Friday 10th May at 9.30pm so please do come and be tempted!

Ellen Arkle and Rosemary Fleet

Chatteris Churches