Chatteris Remembrance Day commemorations

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Chatteris residents are invited to take part in the town’s Remembrance Day Parade.

Mayor James Carney, is inviting Chatteris residents to take part in the parade, which will be start from 2.30pm on Sunday, November 9.

Any Chatteris resident who had any family members serve in the Great War or other conflict since can take part in the parade and, as per protocol, may wear their relations’ medals.

The parade will assemble in Furrowfields Road just before 2.30pm with the parade marching through the town at 2.35pm. At 2.45pm the wreath-laying ceremony will commence at the war memorial followed by the remembrance service in the parish church.

If you wish to take part (or know anyone who would like to) please contact parade organiser Major Norman Larke by emilaing or call 01354 694375.