Christmas drink drive stop checks

Drivers will be breathalysed at stop-check points across the county as part of a crackdown on drink driving.

The month-long campaign, which launched on December 1 is warning drivers to think of the consequences of drink driving over the Christmas period.

Traffic officers will be out in force to clamp down on anyone caught over the limit on the county’s roads.

PC Steve Gedny said: “We want Christmas to be a happy time for all and that means we will catch those law-breakers who think they can get behind the wheel after a few drinks.

“Officers will breath-test drivers and carry out Field Impairment Tests to check whether they are under the influence of drugs.

“Do you want to face a prison sentence, a £5,000 fine or a driving ban of up to 12 months? Is it really worth it?

“Getting behind the wheel under the influence puts yourself and other road users in danger. It can wreck lives and we will not tolerate it.”