Coates Citizen of the Year 2013 - needs your vote

The Coates Citizen of the Year is an annual event that was launched in 2011 at the Coates Village Show. It celebrates a person, who has been voted for by fellow villagers, who has contributed significantly to the village over recent years.

The Coates Village show has been running for several years and celebrates the skills and talents of the local community. The Committee felt that as well as celebrating one-off achievements, it would be a nice idea to recognise a person who contributes to village life on a daily basis.

Organisers are now looking for your help in choosing the candidates for the Coates Citizen of the Year for 2013. Everyone knows someone who is helpful, but can you think of someone who goes out of their way to help many villagers or the local community.

Candidates can be of any age, and can be put forward for any reason that you feel is worthy. Maybe a teenager that helps other people tend their gardens, a person that runs a local club, meeting or charity, the helpful neighbour who always has the time when you need a hand, or a villager who is well known by everyone for their kindness.

If you have someone in mind, please include your name and contact details, the name of the person you wish to nominate, and a brief explanation of why. Nominations can be sent via email to or in writing to Mark Fairbank, 14 Church Gardens, Coates. PE7 2BF. Closing date for nominations is Sunday June 30 2013.

This year’s Coates Village Show will be held on July 13, at Holy Trinity Church, Coates. Full details will be published nearer the time. Schedules and entry forms for the show competition will be available from the Village Shop, local pubs and from mid-May.