common sense approach to house hunting

mark hayward
mark hayward

House hunters need to be better informed before they start viewing properties for sale, according to estate agents. The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) has reported a rise in the number of enquiries from buyers who are unsure of what to ask member agents when searching for a new property.

NAEA members have found that house hunters, particularly first time buyers, are often unsure of what they should be looking for during an initial viewing and what questions to ask about a property and its history.

The NAEA have stressed the need for buyers to apply a common sense approach when viewing a property.

Mark Hayward, President of the NAEA said: “Buying a house is a huge undertaking. However, our members often find that house hunters would benefit from a more informed approach.

“It is easy for a buyer to fall in love with a property based on first impressions, but it is important that they look beyond the aesthetics and think more practically about the property, its history, and any potentially hidden problems.”