Community oil buying scheme continues to grow

CAMBRIDGESHIRE ACRE launched its community oil buying scheme in March of this year and since then it has gone from strength to strength.

The scheme is open to everyone who relies upon domestic heating oil in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. It already has over 100 members in 21 different parishes across the county.

The minimum oil order is 500 litres, but members still pay the same price. Even if just one member in a village places an order they still receive their oil at the price agreed. This is because the scheme is county-wide not village wide.

Cambridgeshire ACRE is keen to emphasise the environmental benefits too. Delivery tankers guzzle a lot of fuel and the more deliveries they can make in one place, the less fuel they use. And the fewer tankers there are on Cambridgeshire’s small country roads, the better.

Cambridgeshire ACRE has just completed the August buying round and those members who ordered oil bought at 58 pence per litre (ppl). The average price found was 62.8ppl meaning those who ordered 1000 litres saved £48 against the average price.

Readers can also go to the website where they will find member saving statistics for the last five months.

There is a membership fee of £20 for domestic users but this can be recouped back in the first order saving and of course any additional orders place over the course of the year benefit from the full savings.

Wimblington’s volunteer co-ordinator is Liz Wright who will keep in contact with local members, collate their oil orders and hand out membership forms to those who would like to join.

To contact Liz email or telephone 01354-741538.

If you would like further information on the scheme, a membership form, or have a specific query please contact Julie Weekes, Community Oil Buying Administrator on 01353-860850 or email