Concern at burst pipe

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THE cold snap over the holiday caused pipes to burst in the changing room in Wisbech park.

John Ledbury contacted Fenland Council on December 28 to report the matter and was surprised when he could only get an answering service. Mr Ledbury said water was still gushing under the door way on December 31.

“How much did this waste of water cost the taxpayer? Why wasn’t the water turned off if changing rooms are not used and frost was expected? Why isn’t there an emergency number?” said Mr Ledbury.

A spokesman for the council said the message was picked up, a plumber was sent on December 29 and the water was turned off. The water which was still coming under the door had built up in part of the roof which then collapsed.

A plumber went out again on December 30. “We did sort it out as soon as we could,” the spokesman said.