Controversial housing plans for Wimblington

The parish council is concerned the village’s drainage system will fail to cope with the development on land east of March Road and lead to flooding from surface water and foul sewage.

Residents are also worried about road safety, and fear a proposed link road will endanger children playing on a nearby estate.

The plan, which is currently in its outline stage, has been referred to today’s Fenland Council planning committee meeting due to the number of objections received.

Planners say the application, from George Scarborough Ltd, is “complex”and raised many concerns in the village, but they believe the issues will be addressed once a full proposal is submitted – and have recommended it be approved by councillors.

The council has received a 100-signature petition against the development from local residents, objecting in particular to a proposed pedestrian/cycle through road to the Honeymead Estate.

A report before the committee says they fear the link will “endanger children playing on the estate, increase the potential for crime and burglary, increase noise and litter pollution and have a negative impact on community spirit.”

Residents are also concerned about loss of privacy, and believe the village does not have the infrastructure to cope with such a large development.

Parish councillors agree, and say the proposal should be reduced from 80 homes to 70.

The committee is being recommended to approve the plan at this stage, subject to the completion of Section 106 agreement, detailing money to be spent on local cycle route and bus stop improvements, and conditions relating to the layout and scale of development, the external appearance of the homes and landscaping.

The report says: “This is a complex application which has resulted in a considerable number of objections from local residents and the parish council. It should be borne in mind that at this stage the full details of the proposal are not part of the current determination.”