Coot rescued from Manea pond

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No Caption ABCDE ENGANL00120130627151941

A coot has had to be rescued from a pond in Manea after becoming trapped in fishing wire.

The bird was discovered swimming in tiny circles on November 12 in Straight Road, Manea, after he had got tied to the bottom of the pond. The line was wrapped around his foot several times, then tangled in something at the bottom.

RSPCA inspector Richard Lythgoe swam 50 metres out to the bird in the centre of the pond, cut him loose, then swam back with him.

The coot was taken to the East Winch Wildlife Centre. It is hoped to release the bird back into the wild if he makes a full recovery.

Richard said: “The fishing line had got into quite a tangle, and this poor bird had no chance of escaping it without help.

“If he had not been spotted and rescued, it is likely he would have just starved to death in a slow, horrible way.

“What is frustrating is that these kind of incidents are just so easily avoided by people taking care when disposing of their fishing litter.

“Of course, most anglers are incredibly responsible when getting rid of their tackle, and take care to dispose of it properly. But it only takes one thoughtless person to carelessly toss aside a bit of line or float – with horrific consequences.”