Council’s new ‘kiss and tell’ policy

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‘YOUR affair is our affair’ that’s the message set to be given to employees at Fenland Council.

Staff who have a personal relationship with a colleague will have to declare it in writing to their manager under a new policy being proposed by Sam Anthony, the council’s head of Human Resources.

The policy will be discussed on Monday (January 17) by the council’s Staff Committee.

Ms Anthony’s report explains: “Fenland District Council recognises that employees who work together may form personal friendships and in some cases close personal relationships.

“Whilst the council does not wish to interfere with these personal relationships, it is necessary for the council to ensure that all employees behave in an appropriate and professional manner at work.”

The policy sets out the types of relationships the council thinks it needs to know about and warns that failure to comply could lead to disciplinary action and could even be construed as gross misconduct.

Workers involved in a close personal relationship with a colleague, contractor, client, customer or supplier ‘must not allow that relationship to influence his or her conduct whilst at work.’

It also states that intimate behaviour during work time is not acceptable, both on and off council sites.

Relationships between a manager or supervisor and a worker could result in one or both being moved to another team or post.

Information about relationships declared to managers should be shared with HR and will be recorded on the personal files of both employees and treated in strict confidence.

It also said the Human Resources team will monitor the Relationships at Work Policy and Procedure to help ensure fair and consistent application.

And it will also be reviewed at intervals to ensure that it remains fit for purpose.