Councils working together

Councils are also working hard to combat child poverty, with Fenland District Council working with Cambridgeshire County Council to develop a co-ordinated action plan.

Fenland was involved in running a loan shark campaign in WWisbech and there is a similar week of action coming up in March.

The district council is also involved with Roddons, the CAB and other agencies in a new five-year project to help social housing tenants manage their money. The CrimeBUSter bus has been developed into a New Horizons outreach vehicle.

Fenland is working to promote the take-up of free school meals in the district, as there are hundreds of people who are entitled to them but not claiming them

A county council spokesperson said: “Cambridgeshire has a relatively low level of poverty in comparison with other local authorities in the UK. However, we know that there are some areas with much higher levels of poverty and we also know that there are many families in living in poverty in our more affluent areas.

“We know that changes to the welfare benefits system are likely to mean that more families struggle with their finances, so the District and County Councils are working together to understand the impact and plan the right support for families affected.”