County Cabinet meets in Wisbech

COUNCIL leaders will be in Wisbech today (Tuesday) to hold a cabinet meeting and a fact finding tour to hear about what is and what more could be done in the area.

It is believed it is the first time Cambridgeshire County Council Cabinet has been held in Wisbech and members of the public are welcome to come along.

Following the cabinet meeting, which runs between 10am to 12.30pm at The Boat House, in Wisbech, Cabinet Members will tour the area, talking to local groups and visiting various projects.

Cambridgeshire County Council Leader Nick Clarke, said: “The County Council is investing millions of pounds in Fenland and Wisbech to improve the quality of life for communities and encourage the local economy. But there is still deprivation in the town which I think we can do more about. In the first week of my leadership I visited the Waterlees area and have been a constant visitor ever since. There is nothing like talking to people, not just Council and business leaders, but our residents to see what is going on, what we are doing right and what we need to improve upon.

“Wisbech is a great town and like any other has its successes and problems. Having spoken to many Wisbech residents I was angered by recent media stories criticising the town and its people. This visit is a great chance to redress that balance and to talk honestly and openly about the challenges we face but also reinforce what a great community Wisbech has.”

The Cabinet meeting is open to the public to attend and see what goes on. After the meeting is closed Councillor Nick Clarke intends to hold a short question and answer session for the public.

Cabinet Members will then visits organisations and projects around Wisbech in the afternoon.