Be considerate at Halloween

HALLOWEEN is always a busy night for police as calls reporting anti-social behaviour traditionally increase.

Last year on October 31 the force received 144 ‘999’ calls related to rowdy or nuisance behaviour compared to 69 on the previous Sunday (October 24).

Police are urging all children taking part in the festivities to stay safe and think about how their behaviour could intimidate others.

To avoid confusion over whether or not a household is taking part in Halloween, police are issuing ‘no trick or treat’ posters, which can be downloaded from the force website -

The posters can be displayed in windows and doorways and say, ‘sorry - no trick or treat here thank you’.

Officers have also been giving out posters to shops in the area which explain they will not be selling eggs or flour to any young people in the build-up to Hallowe’en.

There will be increased patrols across the division, which covers the Huntingdon, Wisbech, March, St Ives and St Neots areas.

Crime reduction manager, Sally Davies, said: “We will be increasing our patrols on the evening to ensure minimal disruption.

“We want everyone taking part to enjoy themselves but not at the expense of others.

“If children see the ‘no trick or treat’ posters I would urge them not to knock on the door and if people say they are not interested to respect that.”

For further safety advice contact your local community safety department or your local neighbourhood policing team on 0345-4564564.