Budding police dogs wanted

CAMBRIDGESHIRE Constabulary is asking the public to help it find the next generation of police dogs.

Officers are looking for at least one dog suitable for training at the force’s Alconbury-based Dog Section.

The dog should be an adult dog or bitch, preferably a German Shepherd or Malinois. It should be between 12 and 24 months old, fit, bold and possessive of a toy.

Sergeant Owen Rogers, from the Dog Section, said: “The type of dog we are looking for doesn’t need to be nasty, but should be confident and inquisitive. If suitable, the dog would go on a three-month training course prior to being licensed as an operational police dog.

“It would then be working on the streets of Cambridgeshire, helping locate suspects and protect the public.”

Anyone who thinks they have a dog which is suitable should contact Sgt Rogers on 101, ext 5730.