Burglary ruins OAP’s Christmas

A PENSIONER’S Christmas was completely ruined after heartless thieves smashed their way into his home causing damage and stealing items.

The 81-year-old returned to his bungalow in Parson Drove at around 11pm on December 23 to discover the break-in and believes he probably scared off the culprits.

“I think I probably disturbed them because they had left items in a pillow case on the bed along with a plastic wallet containing documents,” explained the widower, who didn’t want to be named.

He had been out visiting friends since 3pm that afternoon and thinks that maybe those responsible had been watching his movements before striking.

“I regularly go out on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I think they may have been watching me and knew my routine - I’ve changed my routine since this happened,” said the man.

When he arrived home he discovered a light on in the spare bedroom and the room had been ransacked with every drawer and cupboard open and items strewn about.

He immediately called police thinking a quick response could catch the burglars - but an officer arrived 9am the following day.

The pensioner believed his property was secure as he had installed security locks to all his windows, patio doors and the main doors had double-locks.

“I really don’t know what else I could realistically do to ensure my home is secure. The police gave me an envelope with four leaflets about home security but I had done practically everything suggested including having lights timed to come on and leaving the radio on,” said the man.

To add to his upset the man faces paying out an excess on his home insurance for the repair of the smashed window and for his claim for the items taken - a Sat Nav and a cocktail watch, which belonged to his late wife.

“I have also been told I will lose my no claims bonus - which I’m angry about as I am the victim after all,” said the man, who has now invested in a burglar alarm.

“This totally ruined my Christmas, I was suppose to go out on Christmas Day but I was too upset to go.

“I would like to send a message to ever did this - I wish them in hell - Goodwill to all men has gone,” he added.