Calls for security cameras after burglary

CALLS for more CCTV coverage in Wisbech town centre have been made this week after a charity shop had its safe stolen.

Janet Kenworthy, store manager at the British Heart Foundation on the Market Place, said thieves managed to clamber up a wall and break into a first floor window to gain access to the premises sometime on Tuesday night.

They then some how managed to break the safe free from the bolts holding it to the floor before making off with it out the back door off Market Street.

The 12-inch cubed shaped, gun metal grey safe, contained around £200 and keys for the shop.

Mrs Kenworthy said the loss of the money was a concern, but the added costs of having to replace the safe, the keys and have all the locks changed as well as repairing the damaged window and rear door are likely to run into £100s making it even worse.

“The problem is there is no CCTV down Market Street, which is why people use it as a quick get away out of the town centre. We regularly see people running off from QD stores after shoplifting.

“We have a lovely lot of new independent businesses down Market Street now and it would be a shame if they are forced out by crime. CCTV should be extended down the side road and hopefully it will give added protection to businesses,” said Mrs Kenworthy.

She added it was the second time the shop has been targeted in recent months. A previous attempt to steal the safe ended in failure as the thieves were unable to get it unbolted.

“It appears as if they knew what they were doing this time and came prepared. The man who came out after the break-in said it would be quite a difficult thing to get the safe unbolted,” added Mrs Kenworthy.

This latest theft follows just a month or so after the Salvation Army shop in Union Street was targeted by burglars who climbed over the roof to gain access via and upstairs window before making off with the safe.