Cat is shot and run over

A CAT has undergone major surgery after being shot with an air rifle and then run over.

Eleven-month-old Sergie suffered horrendous injuries and owners Kirsty and Gary Wing are grateful vets managed to save his leg.

Sergie had been missing for five days, devastating children Lennon (4) and Delilah (2), before Kirsty found him trying to crawl back to their house in Campbell Way, March.

The vet originally thought the young black-and-white cat had been knocked down by a car, but an X-ray revealed an air gun pellet stuck in the elbow joint of his front leg. The pellet had shattered the joint.

It was also believed his back hip had dislocated, but it later emerged the joint was broken and the vet believes Sergie was run over as it is an impact wound.

The Wings want to warn other cat owners in the Campbell Way area about what happened to Sergie, in case someone is shooting at cats on purpose.