CCTV success

MORE than 68 arrests have been made in Wisbech as a result of CCTV.

Between February and April this year 608 incidents were recorded in Wisbech, which is down from 645 the year before.

A total of 36 fixed penalty notices were issued in the same time period and 1,848 CCTV patrols were completed in Fenland.

Officers have patrolled in plain clothes and given crime prevention advice.

CCTV cameras operated by Fenland District Council have provided valuable assistance and information has been offered to town centre businesses including the local ShopWatch scheme.

In April, 165 incidents were recorded in the town centre, 28 in Town Park, 26 at the Marina, 11 in the North ward and six at the Industrial Estate.

The top five incident categories were street drinking, disorder/nuisance, traffic, drunk and theft.

Inspector Robin Sissons said: “By working with Safer Fenland CCTV they are able to provide police with information about incidents as they’re happening.

“We are fully committed to working with Fenland District Council to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in Wisbech.

“I hope these CCTV results will deter would-be criminals in the local area.”

Councillor David Oliver, Fenland District Council’s portfolio holder responsible for community safety, said: “Our CCTV operation is proving increasingly effective, not just in Wisbech but across the whole district. We now have 67 cameras in public spaces in Fenland, all monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Between April 2011 and March this year our CCTV team has responded to more than 3,500 incidents and their intervention and close cooperation with the police has led directly to nearly 600 arrests and fines.”

Some examples of CCTV detection work include men being arrested on suspicion of failing to provide a breath test, shoplifting offences, being drunk and disorderly and assault.