Clamp warning for drivers

POLICE are clamping down on motorists who park illegally outside schools in March.

Over the coming weeks, officers will be carrying out ‘impact days’ across the town, fining drivers caught parking illegally or speeding.

CCTV will also be used to target those drivers not caught by an officer on the day.

PC Phil Richardson said: “Parking regulations outside schools are there for a reason and motorists who flout the law are putting children’s lives at risk.

“Numerous letters have been sent out to parents but people continue to park illegally and inconsiderately, so we have decided to take firmer action.

“Anyone caught parking illegally outside a school faces a fine or even prosecution. Drivers stopped during the impact days will also be breathalysed as part of our summer drink drive campaign.

“We are committed to making schools safe places for young people to attend.”