Crackdown on car crime

Police and crime news
Police and crime news

Motorists are being urged to remove valuables from their vehicles as part of a crackdown on car crime.

The warning comes as part of the force’s Get Closer campaign which uses crime trends to identify crime prevention messages.

October traditionally sees a rise in vehicle crime across the force so officers are urging people not to give criminals easy pickings.

When officers spot a vulnerable vehicle, they will send an information pack to the owners including a letter, information on Immobilise, a post card with crime prevention tips and an internal car mirror hanger which warns crooks that valuables have been removed.

Tradesmen will also be targeted with officers reminding drivers not to leave expensive tools in their vans overnight.

Community safety officer Sue Loaker said: “We would urge motorists to always ensure that they do not leave valuables in their vehicles, and remove anything that may tempt a thief to break in.

“An empty box, bag, or even suction mark from a sat nav can be enough to encourage a criminal to smash into your car or van. Even if they leave empty-handed, it can cost the victim a huge amount to repair their vehicle.

“There have also been a lot of incidents where power tools have been stolen from work vans when they are left parked up for the night. Not only are they expensive to replace but you are also risking losing out on potential work.”