Crime continues to fall in Cambridgeshire, annual figures reveal

Crime has continued to fall in Cambridgeshire with more than five thousand fewer victims compared to last year, annual figures have revealed.

Statistics produced by the force for the year ending March 31, show there were 46,435 crimes in 2012/13, a 10.1 per cent drop on the year before when there were 51,658.

It also represents a drop of more than 28 per cent in total crime in the past five years. In 2008/09, there were 64,663 offences.

In the past year, there have also been significant, double-digit percentage falls in crime categories including criminal damage and arson.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hopkins said: “The force has undergone significant changes in the past two years so I am very pleased that we have maintained our focus on tackling crime.

“It is particularly pleasing to see more than 5,000 fewer victims of crime in the past year, and in offences such as robbery, assault and criminal damage, that can have such an impact on victims.

“These reductions in crime have also been achieved in a challenging economic climate when the assumption might be that crime would rise.

“However, we will not be complacent. The financial constraints on the force continue and it is our priority to ensure Cambridgeshire remains a hostile place for criminals.”

In Fenland, the total number of crimes has dropped by more than 1,000, from 6,369 to 5,186, although burglary and robbery have both risen. There were 15 more burglaries, rising from 283 to 298, and three more robberies, increasing from 44 to 47 in 2012/13.

The largest drop was in vehicle crime which dropped more than a quarter. There were 158 less incidents of vehicle crime in the last year, dropping from 571 to 413.

Assaults with injury fell from 475 to 374, all criminal damage dropped from 1,149 to 1,017, arson fell from 53 cases to 44 and all theft and handling dropped from 2,349 to 1,899.

• Force figures:

Burglary fell by one per cent, or 28 offences, from 2,772 to 2,744.

Robbery fell by five per cent, or 21 offences, from 417 to 396.

Vehicle crime fell by 5.6 per cent, or 254 offences, from 4,531 to 4,277.

All assault with injury fell by 21.2 per cent, or 733 offences, from 3,455 to 2,722.

All criminal damage fell by 18.6 per cent, or 1,531 offences, from 8,232 to 6,701.

Arson fell by 36.1 per cent, or 153 offences, from 424 to 271.

All theft and handling fell by 5.3 per cent, or 1,118 offences, from 21,273 to 20,155.