Extra patrols continue in Cambridgeshire

POLICE in Cambridgeshire are continuing to monitor the situation in the county and across the country.

Rest days remain cancelled for officers and necessary support staff for the next three days. This has resulted in an extra 200 officers available to police the county.

All officers will be working 12 hour shifts in order to ensure there are sufficient resources around the clock.

The constabulary are continuing to support colleagues in the Metropolitan Police and have sent a further unit of 28 officers to London today.

Another two units will be sent tomorrow (Friday, August 12), two units on Saturday (August, 13) and a further two units on Sunday (August, 14).

Deputy Chief Constable John Feavyour said: “Our increased presence on the streets of Cambridgeshire will continue in order to provide reassurance to the community.

“We would like to thank Cambridgeshire residents for remaining calm during this troubling time.

“We are continuing to work with our partners and community leaders to ensure people are able to go about their lives as normal.”