Farmers offered the chance to ‘CESAR’ the day and reduce crime

Police and crime news
Police and crime news

Suffolk and Norfolk Constabulaires have combined with NFU and NFU Mutual, as part of an ongoing commitment to work with farmers to reduce crime, to provide a two day ‘CESAR’ marking event on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 November 2013, aimed at reducing the risk of the theft of agricultural machinery.

Following negotiations with local fitting firms and DataTag, trained staff will be on hand at two locations to fit DataTag’s ‘CESAR’ marking scheme, a five point security installation, normally costing £149 plus VAT, but at a reduced rate of £99 plus VAT, which includes:

1) At least two tamper proof plant identification plates

2) Glass tag transponders the size of a grain of rice embedded within bespoke locations around the machine

3) A tamper proof self-adhesive tag, which is an RF transponder, containing a unique code programmed into an internal circuit, fitted behind the tamper proof plate

4) A number of unique Data dots embedded into the vehicle bodywork, registered specifically to that vehicle

5) Data DNA solution, again placed covertly around the bodywork, to give the vehicle an invisible unique traceable DNA code

For further technical information on the process and details of how such an installation can assist in reducing the risk of the marked item being stolen, along with enhancing police recovery in any subsequent theft, visit Certain insurance companies also offer a 12.5% discount for policy holders on fitting this product.

The installation time for each procedure generally takes around twenty minutes. Each day will commence at 8.30am and fittings can be booked on the hour and half hour all day until 5.30pm.

The locations are as follows:

Norfolk - 7th November 2013at J. Goodley & Sons Ltd, 110 Church Road, Tilney St Lawrence, Norfolk, PE34 4QG

Suffolk - 8th November 2013 at Kenny Hill Farm, at Kenny Hill, (Beck Row) Suffolk, IP28 8DU

Anybody wishing to attend on the day is required to book an appointment with Jackie Evans at the NFU regional office, Newmarket, on either 01638 672100 or via email at Please note that whilst local NFU agents and all their offices are aware of this event, further information and bookings can only be made via this point of contact.

In order to obtain the special rate, customers with road licenced machinery must bring a valid V5 vehicle registration document (log book) pertaining to that item. If the item of farm machinery to be ‘CESAR’ marked is an off-road vehicle, then a bill of sale from a main dealer and/or the certificate of conformity needs to be produced for that item.

Payment will be required just prior to installation on the selected booking day and can be made by cheque, using a valid cheque guarantee card, or a credit card. All vehicles security marked can also be security etched by Autoglass at no extra charge.

At each location your local Farm Watch, Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT), Crime Reduction Officers and security companies will also be on hand to offer advice and assistance to farmers wanting to know more about further ways of securing their property, or to answer any other queries they may have.