Flowers stolen from grave

A COUPLE have had a floral arrangement stolen from their daughter’s grave in Elm Cemetery.

David and Linda Tomblinson were devastated when they discovered the basket of silk flowers had vanished from daughter Vicki’s grave.

The arrangement had been on the grave early last week and was gone when they went to the cemetery on Sunday.

The theft has angered the couple, who only last year were targeted by vandals pulling down their Christmas lights. They had put them up early in memory of their daughter as she had always enjoyed Christmas.

“How disrespectful can you get?” Linda said. “I hope they enjoy the flowers and it haunts them for the rest of their life. It’s awful to steal from a dead person’s grave.”

David has described the theft as “gut-wrenching” and said the police have been informed, although he does not believe anything will come from it.

Vicki died in 2006 at the age of 27 after a large tumour was discovered in her abdomen.

The theft from her grave is the latest from the village cemetery. Carole Dack contacted the Citizen last month to report two thefts from her father’s grave and in August, a mum got in touch to say her daughter’s grave had been targeted.