Force’s Tactical Team operational

THE force’s first Tactical Team is now operational.

The team provides support to the six districts and specialist units. If an emerging issue such as burglary or anti-social behaviour becomes a problem the Tactical Team can provide support through raids or increased patrols to target offenders and prevent further offences.

The centrally-based team is made up of an inspector, three sergeants, 28 constables, a PCSO and Special constables.

Inspector Ian Ford, who heads the team, said: “The Tactical Team is a central team designed to follow emerging issues and help to tackle them.

“Since we launched on Monday (April 2) we have been involved in work to target burglaries in Peterborough and made four arrests.

“This is exactly the type of activity the public can expect to see from the team, providing an additional resource to assist with a local issue.”

The Tactical Team is part of the Centralised Intelligence Bureau (CIB) which will be operational later this month.

Det Insp Tim Nasta added: “The CIB will ensure the force is even more intelligence led in its approach to tackling crime.

“It will mean we are able to identify emerging issues more quickly and pass this information on for the districts and Tactical Team to respond to.”