Force’s tactical team - six weeks on

THE FORCE’S Tactical Team has made 58 arrests since it became operational six weeks ago.

The centrally-based team, a first for the force, is made up of an inspector, three sergeants, 28 constables, a PCSO and Special constables.

Since it launched on April 2 they have carried out 39 search warrants, submitted more than 240 items of intelligence and given out 43 cannabis warnings.

The team has also provided support to each of the six districts in the form of targeted patrols and warrants. This has included a metal theft days of action, burglary crackdowns and Op Minnow – the investigation into mobile phone thefts in Cambridge.

Inspector Ian Ford, who leads the team, said: “In just six weeks the tactical team has been able to make a significant impact on targeting local criminality and supporting the force with emerging crime patterns.

“This has resulted in a number of warrants being executed and numerous arrests in recent weeks, which is exactly the type of work the public can expect.”

The Tactical Team is part of the Centralised Intelligence Bureau (CIB) which became operational on April 23 and is the force’s first centralised intelligence unit.

The main function of the CIB is to generate an intelligence picture for local area commanders with regards to priority crimes such as burglary as well as emerging issues and crime patterns.

Det Insp Tim Nasta added: “The CIB ensures the force is even more intelligence led in its approach to tackling crime.

“It means we are able to identify emerging issues more quickly and pass this information on for the districts and Tactical Team to respond to.”