Guilty of child sex charges

A PRIMARY school playtime assistant was facing jail on Friday after being convicted of having sex with a 12-year-old boy.

Sick Diane Pullar (31) romped with the boy at least five times after she met him through a friend of her daughter.

The mum-of-two sent a string of affectionate text messages and once straddled him on a trampoline with her breasts exposed.

They had sex in a tent during a children’s party, in woodland and in Pullar’s living room and attempted several sexual positions during their four-month “relationship”.

Their sexual liaisons were only exposed after another friend’s son walked in on them romping half-naked on a sofa.

Pullar, who worked at Glebelands Primary School, Chatteris, was convicted of six child sex charges by a majority verdict of 10/2 on Friday following a trial at Cambridge Crown Court.

Prosecutor Claire Matthews told the two-week trial Pullar even attended the boy’s 13th birthday party.

She said: “Diane Pullar was involved in a full-blown sexual relationship with a child. The families became close and even went on holidays together.

“She would collect him from school in her car. She sent him text messages saying things such as ‘Love you loads, remember to delete this, kiss, kiss, kiss.’

“Another friend’s son visited Diane Pullar and sometimes confided in her. He visited her at her home and was allowed to let himself in.

“One particular day he remembers knocking on the door and there being no reply. He let himself in and saw her and the victim on the sofa together.

“He was wearing just his boxer shorts, lying on his back on the sofa. Diane was wearing just a bra on top and lower clothing.

“He was embarrassed so he busied himself in the kitchen. But Diane and the victim stayed in the living room for half an hour.”

Her victim, now 13, told the court he felt ‘’guilty’’ after they had sex.

He said: “She told me she had fancied me for about a month before that. We went in the tent and started watching horror films like the film Saw on her laptop.

“We started kissing and she got down to her bra and knickers and it just happened.

“She was really kind, saying how good-looking and attractive I am. I kind of felt a bit guilty afterwards.”

The court heard Pullar met her victim after her son became friends with his older brother and she became close friends with his mother.

After grooming the youngster with texts and straddling him several times on a trampoline she allegedly had sex with him five times and performed oral sex on him once.

All six of the charges relate to a period between April and July 2009 when the boy, who is now 13 but was 12 at the time of the attacks, was regularly visiting her home.

Pullar, of Chatteris, and her two children went on holiday with her victim’s family in October 2009 but the two families fell out after an argument.

In Spring 2010 another teenage boy who had walked in Pullar and her victim during one of their trysts told his mother about the incident.

When the two mums became friends a few months later the concerned woman told the victim’s mother and Pullar was arrested.

When questioned Pullar claimed that the incident was a “mistake” and told the victim’s mother: “He has a crush on me, its sweet.”

She was remanded in custody to be sentenced at Cambridge Crown Court on March 4.