Heating oil theft warning

RESIDENTS are being warned to be vigilant after thefts of heating oil from domestic tanks.

Upwell Parish councillors heard from police at their meeting on February 7 that heating oil thefts are a problem and police are asking homeowners to secure their tanks and instal an alarm.

The meeting heard thieves are also removing drainage grates to sell for scrap.

Richard Melton, secretary to Outwell Swifts Youth Club, attended the meeting to update members. He has written to Mr Brown asking if any land would be available for extension to the football requirements. Swifts have asked parish council support for the retention of the floodlights. They have written to Wisbech Town asking if they will leave the lights for winter training.

Training on Tuesday nights is being made uncomfortable due to bonfires and smoke. The club has been advised to contact the Borough Council’s environmental department.

Matters raised by residents included the state of back lane, action being taking about the scrap yard developed in Back Lane and the post office van now seems to be parked on the in-filled canal instead of the footway near the mini roundabout when collecting post.

Parish councillors are to meet with Upwell Parish Council about the potential prospect of new social housing developments.

The village hall committee has been set new business rates which need to be looked at and realistic figures produced. The bottle banks have been replaced and are now like wheelie bins but are inadequate for the amount of bottles. This is to be looked at.

Cllr Richard Robinson reported there is a temporary headteacher at the school with new initiatives. A new staggered system of intake in the mornings is making it less chaotic and there is a breakfast club for the children at 8am.

Chair of the governors Ted Skelton has retired and been replaced by Grahame Mayer. Parent governors are urgently required.

The parish council is trying to find out who owns the War Memorial before cleaning takes place.

Several highway and enforcement issues were raised which will be forwarded. The Tree Preservation order near Picea Lodge went to the borough council to be decided as to whether the temporary order should be lifted. A site meeting was due on February 10 to consider the decision and necessary works in this area were to be started by this date.

A letter was received complaining a resident was pumping sewerage waste in to this area and the parish council is to investigate.

The precept set by Parish Council for the year was raised to help cover the cost of possible parish elections this year.

Shed alarms are available at £5, call 07926751180. Next council meeting is St Andrew’s Church on March 1 after the Annual Parish Assembly at 7pm.