Home Office figures reveal crime slump

CRIME has fallen in Cambridgeshire, with significant drops in criminal damage, burglary and vehicle crime, Home Office figures have revealed.

Figures published on Thursday (October 20) for the 12 months to the end of June this year show total crime fell by seven per cent compared to the same period the year before, from 58,873 to 54,732 offences.

Robbery in particularly fell dramatically, by 24 per cent, from 712 to 543 offences, while domestic burglary, vehicle crime, fraud and forgery and criminal damage, all fell by double figure percentages.

The only rise was in drugs offences, by 30 per cent, from 2080 to 2694, but this is believed to have been caused by the force’s continued pro-active work to tackle the production and supply of drugs in the county.

Chief Constable Simon Parr said: “These Home Office figures are very encouraging and recent force figures show we have continued to head in the right direction since June.

“They clearly demonstrate our commitment to tackling crime, despite the challenging financial climate and the fundamental changes the force is currently going through.

“It is particularly pleasing to see significant reductions in robbery, burglary and vehicle crime because they have an impact on so many victims.

“However, we will not be complacent and our drive to put the fear of crime into the criminals will continue.”

The full figures are as follows:

Total crime – down by seven per cent to 54,732.

Violence against the person – down by four per cent to 10,272.

Violence against the person with injury – down seven per cent to 4255. Violence against the person without injury – down two per cent to 6017.

Sexual offences – down three per cent to 751.

Robbery – down 24 per cent to 543.

Burglary – down by 10 per cent to 6585.

Burglary in a dwelling – down by 11 per cent to 3163.

Burglary in a building other than a dwelling – down by eight per cent to 3422.

Offences against vehicles – down by 13 per cent to 5279.

Other theft offences – down by two per cent to 17,036.

Fraud and forgery – down by 17 per cent to 1773.

Criminal damage – down by 18 per cent to 8829.

Drug offences – down by 30 per cent to 2694.

Other offences – down by seven per cent to 970.