Jail for replica weapons man

A MAN banned from owning firearms has been jailed after police found replica weapons hidden at his addresses in Wisbech.

Steven Fraser had been given a life-time ban from owning guns following a 42-month prison term in 1999.

The 39-year-old was arrested for an alleged assault in October and it was alleged he had used weapons to threaten his victim. Officers searched two homes he had access to in the town and seized a number of replica handguns and air weapons.

Fraser, of Mill Road, West Walton, pleaded guilty to possessing an air weapon when prohibited for life.

He was jailed for 18 months at Cambridge Crown Court on February 4.

After the court case, Detective Constable Kayleigh O’Brien said: “Fraser was banned from owning firearms yet search teams discovered a number of air weapons and replica guns he had access to.

“Fraser has an obsessive interest in weapons and was banned from owning them for good reason.

“People should be warned they face being locked up if they ignore such orders.”