Jail sentence for prolific burglar

Prolific burglar Dean Jackson who has been jailed for four years.
Prolific burglar Dean Jackson who has been jailed for four years.

A PROLIFIC burglar who stole a £40,000 sports car just days after being released from prison has been jailed.

Dean Jackson (24) helped himself to the Jaguar XFS after stealing the keys during a burglary of a March home on February 9. It was found burned out nine days later.

Jackson, of Bowyer Court, London, went on to break into around 20 more homes in the next four weeks before he was finally arrested on March 8.

His fingerprint was discovered at a burgled home in New Street, Chatteris. A large amount of jewellery was taken from the property between February 27 and March 1.

Jackson was arrested in London and charged with burglary. He pleaded guilty and asked for a further 35 break-ins across Fenland to be taken into consideration.

He was jailed for four years at Huntingdon Crown Court on Thursday.

Detective Inspector Dave Murphy said: “Jackson is a prolific offender who travelled up from London to target homes across Fenland, stealing cash and jewellery

“He caused misery for dozens of families who had to pick up the pieces after he had broken in to their homes and stolen precious items.

“Such criminality has a major effect on communities and will not be tolerated by police.

“Jackson saw Cambridgeshire as an easy touch but now faces a lengthy time behind bars.”