Jane fights on

A FENLAND woman who survived 14 years of sexual abuse at the hands of her step-father is asking for new backing for her campaign to get stronger sentencing for offenders.

The Citizen highlighted Jane’s story (not her real name) in December 2009 when she first tried to launch an action group to put pressure on the government for harsher sentencing for offenders.

Her story drew a huge response from readers who signed petitions backing Jane’s campaign.

Now Jane, who was abused from the age of seven until she finally broke free of her abuser at the age of 21 after having three children by him, is wanting people to express their views in the build-up to a meeting she has planned with MP Stephen Barclay.

She is set to meet the local MP in June to discuss the issue of sex offender sentencing and also the lack of support for victims.

Jane wants people to write either to herself or to the MP backing her calls.

Despite the years of torment she suffered at the hands of her attacker he was sentenced to just six-and-a-half years reduced to four-and-a-half because he admitted his guilt and he served only 18 months behind bars.

Jane believes the law is weighted against victims who get lost behind the ‘human rights’ of perpetrators.

And that society’s reluctance to discuss the issue of sexual abuse doesn’t help the situation.

Victims are often left scarred for life by their experiences but Jane feels the current sentencing doesn’t recognise this and doesn’t encourage people to come forward and speak out against their attackers.

Those wishing to support Jane’s campaign for better justice can do so by writing to her via the Fenland Citizen at either 11 Union Street, Wisbech or Market Place, March. Or by writing to Stephen Barclay at the Conservative Office, High Street, March.