Killers attacked fellow inmate at HMP Whitemoor

Peeler which had the end broken off in the attack
Peeler which had the end broken off in the attack

TWO convicted killers face even longer behind bars for brutally stabbing an inmate at HMP Whitemoor.

Dean Cullen (24), and Dean Agbegah (44), were already serving life sentences at the prison in March for murder when they decided to target a fellow long-serving inmate on B-Wing following a disagreement over some stolen chicken.

Knife used in prison attack

Knife used in prison attack

The pair hatched a plot to attack him on October 9, 2009.

Armed with a blunted knife and a potato peeler, the pair followed the victim into his cell when he returned from having a shower at 9.15am. They attacked him, stabbing him a number of times including to his eye, throat and back.

The victim also suffered a number of defence wounds to his hands and arms as he tried to fight off the brutal attack.

The peeler snapped during the stabbing, while the knife was still lodged in the victim’s back as he went to get help.

He managed to stagger out of his cell after Cullen and Adebegah left and was taken to Peterborough District Hospital where he was treated for life-threatening injuries.

The handle of the peeler was discovered by prison staff wedged between pipes behind the wardrobe in the victim’s cell. Agbegah’s blood-stained clothing was found in a wash bag in his cell.

Cullen, who was jailed for life in 2006 for punching, kicking and stamping a man to death in Norwich, and Adgegah, who was given a life sentence in 2005 for strangling his sister in London, were both charged with attempted murder.

Both were cleared of that charge but convicted of grievous bodily harm with intent following a three-week trial at Cambridge Crown Court.

Today (Tuesday), Cullen was given a five-year indeterminate sentence while Agbegah was sentenced to six years indeterminate - both to run concurrent with their life sentences. The sentences will impact on their parole date.

Detective Sergeant Matt Swash said: “This was a brutal attack where both men set out to cause a great deal of harm to the victim.

“He was stabbed a number of times and had severe defence wounds to his arms as he tried to protect himself. His injuries were horrific and it is only through sheer luck that he managed to survive.”

All three inmates are now serving their sentences at separate jails.