Landlord fined over alcohol sale

PUB landlord Tom Mcnamara has been fined £200 and ordered to pay court costs following a hearing at Peterborough Magistrates this week.

Mr Mcnamara, who runs the Red Lion pub in March High Street with his wife Jenny, admitted selling alcohol to a person who was drunk on December 16 at his court appearance on Thursday.

The charge arose following the death of March man Simon Peters, whose body was found in the River Nene the morning after he had been sold alcohol in the pub on a night out with friends on December 16.

At a recent Fenland licensing hearing the pub was given a new set of rules as a result of Mr Peters death. The new conditions imposed included extra training for bar staff on refusing alcohol to drunks and under-age drinkers.

Quentin Miller, speaking on Mr Mcnamara’s behalf, said he had chosen to plead guilty to the charge despite the fact he had not worked in the pub since he suffered a stroke last October. Mr Miller explained: “He pleaded guilty because he felt it was the right thing to do. He was not in the pub at the time the man was served alcohol, but as the licence holder he is ultimately responsible for what happens on the premises.

“He wanted to protect his staff and felt by doing this he has done that. He also accepted that since his illness he had taken his eye off the ball and let things slide.

“Since the licensing hearing Mr Mcnamara has done everything he was asked to do. The licence has now passed to the brewery and a new designated premises supervisor has been appointed. Mr Mcnamara and his wife Jenny remain as landlord and lady and will still work in the pub.”