‘Legal eagle’ wanted to fight for victims’ rights

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A GROUP battling to get lengthier sentences for sex offenders and better justice for victims is appealing for a lawyer to help with their fight.

The campaign led by an abuse victim from March wants a solicitor or barrister to offer their services to take the case as far as they can.

Jane (not her real name), who suffered years of abuse at the hands of her step father and had three children by her abuser, has been battling to get greater punishment for the perpetrators and more support for victims.

Her tormentor served just 18 months of a four-and-a-half years prison sentence, which Jane argues is no where near appropriate for all the abuse and hurt he caused her.

Jane launched a petition in December 2009 to put pressure on the government for stronger sentencing with the Citizen highlighting her cause.

She recently met with local MP Stephen Barclay but she felt he didn’t take her case seriously even though he was sympathetic to her story.

Jane believes the weight of the law is against victims who get lost behind the ‘human rights’ of perpetrators, which is why she is now appealing for a lawyer to redress the balance and fight for the ‘human rights’ of victims.

Anyone interested in helping Jane’s campaign can do so by writing to her via the Fenland Citizen, 11 Union Street, Wisbech or contacting the newsdest on 01945-586135.