Man fined after blades discovered

HIDING two meat cleavers, a lock knife and a sythe in his car has left Raymond Lee £415 out of pocket.

The 36-year-old, of The Caravans, Blunts Drove, Walton Highway, appeared before King’s Lynn magistrates on Tuesday and admitted four charges of possessing a bladed article on June 17.

Prosecuting, Yvonne Neill said Lee was caught out when his car was stopped by police in Grimmers Road, Walsoken.

The cleavers were hidden under the driver’s floor mat and under a mat in the boot, while the sythe was stowed under the driver’s seat and the knife was covered over on the central console.

He told the officer he used them to cut wood for a log burner and had no intention of ever using them as weapons.

In mitigation, Tiffany Meredith said Lee had the items “legitimately” but accepts they should of been properly stored.

She said: “He is realistic about how the court would view someone driving around with potentially lethal weapons in their car, but they were in the car to keep them out of reach of his children.”

Lee was fined £100 on each of the charges and ordered to pay £15 costs.