MP challenges court closure

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WISBECH Magistrates Court is set to close it was confirmed this week.

Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly told the House of Commons that out of the proposed closures of 103 magistrates’ courts - 93 including the one at Wisbech will go.

But North East Cambridgeshire MP, Steve Barclay has challenged the decision. Following the announcement in the House of Commons on Tuesday Mr Barclay disputed the decision taken by the Minister Jonathan Djanogly MP and raised his opposition on the floor of the House.

On hearing the decision Mr Barclay said: “I believe that the Minister has made the wrong decision in relation to Wisbech magistrates.

“I put forward proposals which would have made the court the most efficient in the area, by moving work currently done at Ely to Wisbech, yet he declined to take these up.”

Mr Barclay, has worked closely with the Ministry of Justice and local people to ensure the survival of the court.

In collaboration with Fenland magistrates he made a full response to the consultation and even raised the matter at the highest level speaking directly to the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice Kenneth Clarke.

Regretfully he acknowledged that Ely Magistrates Court was to close, but defended Wisbech fiercely.

He said: “Whilst I recognise that savings need to be made because of the legacy of debt left by Labour, and that these were cuts they were committed to making, Wisbech Magistrates Court is of unique importance to the local area.”