Officer hit by bullet

LINCOLNSHIRE Police have said the officer injured in last Tuesday’s armed siege at Sutton St James was hit by a bullet fired by Barry Horspool.

It had previously been thought that he had been injured by debris after Mr Horspool (61) fired at a police car.

But it became clear when the unnamed officer was treated at hospital that he had in fact been hit by the bullet.

It happened when two unarmed officers responded to reports of a man with a firearm in Chapelgate, at around 11am.

Ch Supt Lee Freeman said: “A shot was fired at their vehicle. One of the officers was injured, but the cause was initially unclear. It was later established in hospital that his facial wound had been caused by a bullet. He was treated and discharged on the same day.”

He added: “We are now providing as much support as we can to our officer and his family, along with the family of Mr Horspool.

“Once again we would like to thank residents for coping so admirably throughout a lengthy and extremely distressing period of time.”

Police recovered the body of Mr Horspool from the house late on Tuesday night,