One year and 5,000 followers for @CambsCops

CAMBRIDGESHIRE police’s Twitter account has attracted 5000 followers in just one year.

@CambsCops reached the milestone almost a year to the day since it was created as part of the force’s response to a march by the English Defence League (EDL) and counter protest in Peterborough.

Since then, the force has regularly used Twitter to provide live-time campaign updates, appeal for information, provide updates on policing events and respond to messages from other Twitter users.

Digital Communications Officer Hayley Cobb said: “It’s amazing to see what we have achieved in one year and how influential social media can be.

“We’ve been able to get people more involved in our campaigns and appeals, resulting in more intelligence and greater engagement with the public.

“We have seen recent national reporting of the impact social media had on the riots throughout the UK in August. Our ability to engage with the residents of Cambridgeshire via Twitter quickly enabled us to quash rumours, address concerns and potentially stop disorder from occurring in Cambridgeshire.

“The riots demonstrated the power of Twitter and its direct link with operational policing. Following the minor disorder in Cambridge in August, images of eight people we wanted to speak to were posted on Twitter.

“Within 24 hours they were viewed more than 21,000 times. In total, 14 arrests were made, eight of which were as a direct result of the Twitter appeal.”

@CambsCops facts:

* @CambsCops has 5000 followers as of this morning (December 12)

* The force has tweeted about 950 times in the past year.

* @CambsCops aquired about 2500 followers in a one week at the time of the disorder in August.

* During the disorder, several @CambsCops tweets were re-tweeted more than 100 times.

* The force’s successful use of Twitter during the disorder was mentioned in the House of Commons.