Pensioner has cash stolen

A 90-year-old woman from Lincolnshire has hit out at the thieves who stole £130 in cash from her purse while she was shopping in Wisbech on Wednesday.

The pensioner, who has asked not to be named, had her purse stolen from her handbag which was zipped closed inside another shopping bag.

She retraced her steps but none of the shops she had visited had found the purse.

The theft was reported to police and the pensioner had to cancel her bank cards.

However, on Thursday, the woman received a call to say the purse had been found wedged behind a display in one of the shops. Her cards were still inside but the cash had been stolen.

The woman believes it was taken while she was waiting inside a charity shop because she and her friend were bumped by two women who were in front and behind them,

The victim said the theft was upsetting and said if these people are targeting the elderly they should be “ashamed of themselves”.

“It beggars belief. I would be interested to know if these clowns that do this have aged relatives. They wouldn’t want them treated like this,” she said.

The pensioner had got the money to use as a deposit on an item she was potentially looking to buy.

She pointed out, £130 is a week-and-a-half pension money and most people would be depending on it for heating and food.

She went on to praise staff at Loafers cafe for being “helpful and kind” after she went back to the premises to check to see if she had initially left her purse there.